After setting up an appointment with Confido Searches, our professional canine handler will come
to your home in an unmarked vehicle. They will provide you with a resource packet containing
important information to help you deal with your loved one and drugs.  It will have information
such as local counselors and interventionists that specialize in alcohol and narcotics.  It will also
contain important conversation starters so that you can calmly and more effectively talk to your
loved one. Next, the professional canine and handler team will conduct a thorough room to room
search of your premises, as well as any and all vehicles that you wish to have searched.  We
require that your loved one and any children or pets not be present as to minimize the distraction
for our canine.

If the canine detects a scent of a drug, which can be as small an amount as some residue, the
canine will alert the handler, who will then mark the area and continue with the search.  In order
to remain completely confidential, Confido Searches will not look for the detected drugs, nor will
they dispose of them. That will be left up to the homeowner. Our handlers are not commissioned
police officers, and therefore, we will not document our findings in your records.  Again, this is
strictly confidential.  What you choose to do with the knowledge is completely up to you.